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Development Overview (Sprint #167-173)

Please find new functionality for MOR and M2 bellow: MOR Changes related to New EU regulations: Static Source/CallerID Whitelist/Blacklist functionality per Provider Provider Localization...
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Codec information in M2 Switch

Happy to announce that we have added long-requested feature to be able to see which codec(s) were used in the call.
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Functionality to work with new EU regulations

Starting from 2017 June 15th EU introduced Regulation (EU) 2017/920 which eliminated all roaming charges for temporary roaming within the EEA (European Economic Area). Because of this service...
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How to start Mobile VoIP business easily

Mobile usage is rapidly growing across the world aided by cheaper smartphones and internet price. VoIP businesses that have seen brighter days with Calling...
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Development Overview (Sprint #159-166)

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Custom MOR Front-end

IMPORTANT! This service is no longer provided. Dashboard Dashboard features Balance display Add payment Active DID Recent calls Payment history Package info Quick pick...
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MOR X10 Release

We are happy to announce MOR X10 release. Important changes are bellow:
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Development Overview (Sprint #153-158)

MOR Added additional search filters to the DID page and Email page Added editing functionality to the GUI for Dynamic Blacklisting Huge speed increase...
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Let’s block unauthorized admin access!

Newest security measure to protect admin access from unauthorized IP.
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Let’s block some countries!

Due to popular demand we implemented additional security measure – now it is possible to block countries directly from the GUI!
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