2021 October Update

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Quick update about the work we did in 2021 October.

[MOR/X4] 2FA Implementation

Security improvement to help you protect your system using 2FA

[MOR/X4] Elasticsearch sync logic rework

A huge internal task, not visible on the GUI, but nevertheless very important to keep the data synchronized perfectly. We moved from 24h sync-window to 1h sync-window to be sure that all data are synced at all times perfectly. It should eliminate the need to delay invoice generation in rare cases.

[MOR] Device Ringing Timeout change via API

Extended API to change Device Ringing Timeout

[MOR] Device/Provider settings view tune

More logical settings rearranging for better workflow and productivity.

[MOR] Additional Currency info in Call Info and DIDs pages

Usability improvement that shows currency in which rates and prices are presented on these pages to eliminate any possible confusion.

[M4] PAI/RPID Regexp based transformation support

Options to allow PAI/RPID Header transformation for OP/TP based on Regexp. Very powerful and low-level functionality which allows indefinite ways to change PAI/RPID.

[M4] Dynamic Connection Point page

A new way of data visualization, where you have total freedom how do you want data to be presented. You can change which columns to show and in which order. Custom per every user – each one of them can make their own view.

[M4] Local Number Portability with custom Routing

Full support for LNP in M4 with added custom Routing – each Tariff can be routed differently now. More control and freedom for your routing plans.

[M4] Media IP in Call Info page

Switch now shows Media IP for the call apart from the Signaling IP. See from where and where media were going for the call. Helps in troubleshooting, especially in no-audio calls.

[M4] Responsible Manager filter in Active Calls

See Active Calls for some particular Manager:

[M4] Extensive Log Action on Dial-Peer edit

Added an extensive log to show what value was changed to what. Helps to solve the cases when several managers changes settings and some mistake is found afterward.

Apart from this, we closed the other 47 development tickets. These were bugs, small issues, internal improvements, and some developments to be revealed in the future.

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