2021 June Update

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Quick update about the work we did in 2021 June.

[M4] Disconnect Codes Implementation

Reworked Hangup Cause Codes (HGC) to support extensive dynamic Disconnect Code change/management functionality per OP/TP.

[M4] Deleted/Blocked Rates in Tariff Import

Import handling for Deleted and Blocked rates.

[MOR/M4] Time Zone support in Tariff Import

Set exact Time Zone for the Tariff / Rate Sheet file.

[MOR/M4] Separate Alerts/Rejects Notifications

Now different emails can be sent on Tariff Import Analysis for Alerts and Rejects.

[MOR/M4] Reason column in Tariff Import Analysis CSV

See the exact reason why Analysis failed for a particular rate.

[M4] Permission for Managers for Tariff Import

[M4] Forward RPID/PAI, change Host options

Control how RPID/PAI headers are handled.

[M4] Any email template for Rate Notification and option to sent it only once

[M4] PayPal settings for User

Manage how PayPal payments are handled per-user.

[M4] Routing Group window improvements

Apart from this, we closed the other 67 development tickets. These were bugs, small issues, internal improvements, and some developments to be revealed in the future.

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