Automate and Scale Voice Business with Kolmisoft Extension Application

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Kolmisoft softswitches come with an extensive set of APIs that enable businesses to automate their business process, develop customer portals, integrate with third-party payment gateways, CRMs, etc.

However, for a number of business owners, it hasn’t been easy to identify and hire quality developers, or guide them with the app development workflow. Moreover, not every developer is aware of the needs of the telecommunication business or the end-user requirements. This results in extensive time spent on basic requirements, such as hiring and training, rather than on development.

Today, we are introducing a marketplace application called MorApp for Kolmisoft MOR. MorApp is developed and supported by our trusted partner Moitele | Shri Services Oy, who has been working with Kolmisoft MOR for more than 6 years, in the process developing an in-depth understanding of the MOR, MOR APIs and service provider business. We expect the marketplace app to simplify the business process and bring in the power of automation without a major financial investment.

MorApp interacts with MOR via APIs that allow read and write actions. For functionalities not supported by APIs, MorApp is capable of reading databases with read-only access. Database access is optional and is possible only when the service provider allows.

Functionalities of MorApp

  1. Launch a customer portal with a choice of selected modules
  2. Automate payments with any payment gateway of choice in the payments module
  3. Extend the app functionality with various modules, such as:
    • User registration
    • CDR display
    • Call recordings display
    • Device management
    • DID management
    • Subscription management — and a lot more
  4. Development and support is included as a monthly subscription
  5. Host locally or use the application from the cloud
MorApp is modular and extensible. The functionalities can be developed as modules and activated selectively. This flexible modular architecture allows the MorApp to develop a full- blown customer portal with every functionality that service providers desire. in addition, this modular architecture allows the MorApp to integrate with any third party application.

With an extensive set of features, service providers need not worry about paying developers for learning basic things like the APIs, workflow, testing and maintenance. MorApp is a multi-tenancy application that can be used by resellers, as well.

The first module of the MorApp is the payment module. This module saves hundreds of hours  per year by enabling online payments and automating balance updates on the customer accounts.

Check out the live demo of the payment module of the MorApp here:

Start automating and invest your time to generate more business today with payment automation.

MorApp is developed and supported by our trusted partner, Moitele | Shri Services Oy. For more details about MorApp, contact Kalyan Pasumarthy, CEO @ Moitele | Shri Services Oy by email or phone +358449760739.

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