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Fraud Statistics

Fraudulent traffic is estimated to cost the international wholesale carrier industry $17 billion annually, but the sources of fraud continue to change. In the...
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Kolmisoft team returns from ITW 2019, Atlanta

The Kolmisoft team is back from the International Telecoms Week (ITW) in Atlanta, USA. The conference is one of the most important events for...
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Come avviare un business VoIP

Senza un piano adeguato non si può fare alcun progresso. Nel mondo del business, una pianificazione adeguata fa la differenza tra il successo e...
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Cómo Comenzar un Negocio VoIP

No hay progreso sin una planificación adecuada. En el mundo de los negocios, la planificación adecuada suele ser la diferencia entre el éxito y...
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Telecommunication Services Cooperation Agreement

What to include in a service agreement Despite everyone’s best intentions, sometimes in business, it’s difficult for all parties to understand precisely what the...
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How to start a VoIP Business

There is no progress without proper planning. In the business world, adequate planning is usually the difference between success and failure. A proper plan...
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MOR X14 Release

We are happy to announce MOR X14 release. Changes are below: Tariff Conversion We are reintroducing Tariff Conversion functionality. It allows converting Tariff file...
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Automated Aggregates Report System based on Templates

Together with MOR X14 release, this huge update to the softswitches (MOR X14 and M2) brings automation in reporting. It allows creating Templates for various...
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Our support quality

Just happy how our support performs. Way to go Team!
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Tariff Conversion Functionality

Together with MOR X14 and in M2 we are reintroducing Tariff Conversion functionality. It allows converting Tariff file to the MOR/M2 acceptable CSV format...
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