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Softswitch vs SBC

Some of our customers have misconceptions about what session border controllers (SBCs) are. People who ask for an SBC often actually need a softswitch...
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2020 December Update

Quick update about the work we did in 2020 December. Additional option to generate Tariff using the prefixes from the other Tariff It...
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Webinar Overview // Wholesale Industry in the Digital Age

We watched a recent webinar from the Carrier Community and Telin, and have decided to tell you about what we learned from it. The...
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VoIP in the Cloud

Reasons why people want to move to the Cloud With today’s ever-increasing choices of technology, Cloud technologies have exploded in popularity and have moved...
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Configuring a new vendor

Here is a quick guide, with a checklist at the end, on how to configure a new vendor in the system. As an example...
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2020 November Update

Quick update about the work we did in 2020 November. Option to Delete Rates for Prefixes which are not present in the imported...
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The causes of No-Audio and One-Way-Audio VoIP Calls

What is it? Quite a common problem, when a voice call is successfully completed, but the voice packets only successfully travel in one direction,...
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Least Cost Routing in Details

Definition In voice telecommunications, Least Cost Routing (LCR) is the process of selecting the lowest-cost carrier for outbound (termination) voice traffic for a given...
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Homer install on Centos 8

Full detailed guide how to install Homer on Centos 8. Homer is very versatile system and can be installed in different configurations. This guide...
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