2023 March Update

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Quick update about the work we did last month.


  • Fixed an issue with Asterisk 15 restart script
  • Fixed an issue when opening Asterisk CLI halted  Server Stats gathering
  • Fixed an issue with Terminated By value always reported as Terminator
  • Fixed an issue with flat rate data in the invoice Invoice script
  • Fixed an issue with Rate search for Resellers
  • Fixed an issue with decimals in the Make User Retail Tariff
  • Fixed an issue with currencies in Rerating
  • Fixed an issue with Common Use Providers used by Partner’s Reseller PRO account
  • Added additional validation to the subscription API to avoid incorrect date formats
  • In the recording, email time will be in User’s Time Zone (was in the server’s TZ)
  • UX improvement for a Subscription activation
  • Eliminated AGI for Answer action and MNP/Prelocalization. Result – less load on the CPU


  • Implemented functionality to export Number Pool numbers to CSV
  • Implemented an option to delete All Numbers from all Number Pools at once or for each Number Pool separately
  • Implemented an option to reset counters for Number Pools


  • Fixed an issue with showing prefixes if TP is disabled
  • Fixed an issue when creating DIDs
  • Fixed an issue with PayPal payments
  • Fixed an issue with Dial Plan change propagating into the core
  • Fixed an issue with Manager permission for Routing Groups
  • Fixed an issue with PAI as CallerID not saving into the log
  • Fixed an issue with archiving calls when the time limit ends
  • Fixed an issue with stuck calls on Kamailio restart in rare cases
  • Implemented custom variable $src for Kamailio transformations
  • Implemented Increase/Decrease Effective From fields into Rate Notifications
  • Implemented Supplier Invoices functionality

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