2023 April Update

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Quick update about the work we did last month.


  • Fixed missing Hidden Users menu for Partners
  • Fixed an issue with the CDR export
  • Fixed an issue with Call Tracing when the prepaid user’s balance < 0
  • Fixed an issue with RS Pro limited addon
  • Fixed an issue with the auth_by_headers setting changing CallerID
  • Implemented Annual Subscription functionality
  • Implemented Tariff Change with Failover Provider
  • Improved Call Tracing UX
  • Added MKD currency


  • Improved Number Pool delete logic, huge speed increase


  • Fixed an issue with missing Tax Registration Number in the XLSX Invoices
  • Fixed an issue with TP names not ordering properly
  • Fixed an issue with Number import to Number Pool not propagating to Core in case of not-importable numbers present
  • Fixed an issue with empty Destination Names in invoices
  • Fixed an issue with the dropped call because of a 404 from OP
  • Added additional validations on deleting DIDs
  • Implemented manager permission for “Disconnected Codes”

Let us remind you that you can always find what we are working on and what is planned in the Requests section of the support system. Please do like/vote on the requests you would like to see in the future. This helps us to prioritize. More details here: Product Feedback Policy – Kolmisoft Wiki

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