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Process of Automatic Tariff Import

Introduction An important task is the timely management of Provider Tariff Plans. While business practices differ somewhat, usually, each Provider will deliver an initial...
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2020 August Update

Quick update about our work done in 2020 August. We are currently working hard to implement MNP into M2, it is almost done and...
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When provider does not see your calls in their CDR

In this article, I will show how to use PCAP to solve one particular problem that occurs between the system owner and provider. One...
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Sacrificing Relations with your Provider

The situation starts out simply enough: Your VoIP service is working fine except for one small thing—maybe you can’t receive DTMF, or maybe you’re...
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Freeswitch 1.10 installation on Debian 10

A short, step-by-step guide for proper installation of Freeswitch 1.10 on Debian 10 (buster) The official instructions are barebone, so this guide is a...
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Expiry of InCommon Certificate AddTrust External CA Root (May 2020)

Due to the old broken OpenSSL libraries, some older systems, like Centos 6.4 could have problems with communicating with external services (Centos 6.10, Centos...
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X16 Release

We are happy to announce MOR X16 release. The complete list of changes and improvements is below: Implemented Automatic Tariff Import functionality Implemented Balance...
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SBC as a buzzword

When a new client comes for the infrastructure purchase request, they often ask for a SBC. Most of the time what they need is...
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Why WebRTC makes VoIP service more attractive?

Nowadays telephony is still used under a specific network integration that is not all IP powered like PSTN numbering and specific rules to manage...
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