2022 June Update

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Quick update about the work we did last month.

  • [MOR] Added callerid_control_by_dids in the API device_update
  • [MOR] Added grace_time in the API did_details_update
  • [MOR] Fixed an issue with DID Rates when DID was created using API
  • [MOR/M4] Added Serbia to the Blocked Countries list
  • [MOR/M4] Improved CDR Import CSV separators handling logic
  • [M4] Improved Rate Notification configuration UX
  • [M4] Improved empty Rate Notification file handling
  • [M4] Improved Rate Notification failure handling
  • [M4] Fixed an issue with the date picker in Last Calls
  • [M4] Improved Codec information visualization from the Core
  • [M4] Improved Src regexp transformation with empty CallerID
  • [M4] Added an option to rename the Rate Notification file

Apart from the development mentioned above, we are working hard on new M4 functionality, which includes DIDs, FlatRates, Services, Subscriptions, Charge Plans, etc. These are huge developments that will be released in the future.

Also, we spend most of the time polishing the MOR X17 version which we will release this month. Stay tuned.

Let us remind you that you can always find what we are working on and what is planned in the Requests section in the support system. Please do like/vote on the requests you would like to see in the future. This helps us to prioritize. More details here: Product Feedback Policy – Kolmisoft Wiki

We released M4 10 concurrent license VMWare image for testing. Grab it below:

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