2022 May Update

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Quick update about the work we did last month.

  • [MOR] Fixed an issue with extension transfer from different pools
  • [MOR] Fixed an issue with PAI changing CallerID Name functionality
  • [MOR/M4] Fixed an issue with imported files that had symbol _ in the header to properly suggest separators
  • [MOR/M4] Implemented a Limit Calls Statistics per User functionality together with Global Setting
  • [MOR/M4] Added Number Pool Name in the management page for better usability
  • [MOR/M4] Improved invoice generation logging and troubleshooting
  • [MOR/M4] Fixed CDR export at the period during the daylight saving change
  • [MOR/M4] Fixed an issue on several server installations at the same time
  • [MOR/M4] Fixed an issue with Suggest Strong Password to always generate proper password
  • [MOR/M4] Fixed an issue with Email sending when From Name has many words in it
  • [MOR/M4] Automatic Tariff Import Email handling improvement to support edge-case email format
  • [M4] Fixed an issue when an email was not sent when Manual Payment was created over API
  • [M4] Fixed DID Inventory page to properly show pagination with low DID numbers
  • [M4] Fixed an issue with Conditional Tariff usage with Number Pools
  • [M4] Added DID Permissions for Managers
  • [M4] Initial FlatRates implementation
  • [M4] Added Recommended Charge Plan for DIDs functionality
  • [M4] Improved PAI number parsing to support some edge-case scenarios
  • [M4] Fixed the PAI number transformation and CallerID change logic
  • [M4] Fixed an issue with Number Pool counter reset logic from the GUI
  • [M4] Fixed a counter issue with Pseudo-Random Number Pools
  • [M4] Fixed an issue with disabled Dial Peer over the Alerts
  • [M4] Reworked install logic to speedup system setup on one-server environments
  • [M4] Fixed an issue on API Payment Generate method with the XML response
  • [M4] Fixed an issue with DID status on creation

Apart from the development mentioned above, we are working hard on new M4 functionality, which includes DIDs, FlatRates, Services, Subscriptions, Charge Plans, etc. These are huge developments that will be released in the future.

Let us remind you that you can always find what we are working on and what is planned in the Requests section in the support system. Please do like/vote on the requests you would like to see in the future. This helps us to prioritize. More details here: Product Feedback Policy – Kolmisoft Wiki

We released M4 10 concurrent license VMWare image for testing. Grab it below:

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