2023 January Update

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Happy New Year!

Quick update about the work we did last month.


  • Fixed an issue with the split Call Tracing log due to the Tab symbol in the Tariff name
  • Fixed an issue when no delete button appeared for API-created payments
  • Fixed translation on Tariff Job Analysis
  • Fixed an issue with not saving Allow Duplicate Email setting
  • Fixed missing variable for source in fax2email email template
  • Fixed pike module configuration in OpenSIPS to properly block IPs
  • Fixed an issue with Flat Rate going into negative on multi-Asterisk system
  • Fixed a recording deletion on a non-Asterisk server
  • Fixed several issues with non-closed MySQL connections
  • Fixed Inbound Call Limit functionality for the Reseller
  • Fixed an issue with device extlines inconsistency in the proxy system
  • Improved performance of OpenSIPS device_status script for 50k+ devices
  • Improved performance for retrieve_peers script to handle 20k+ devices
  • Implemented an option to hide the Ghost percent column
  • Improved Tariff Rates view design for usability
  • Added an option to import devices as trunk
  • Added inbound_call_limit to device_update API
  • Added the status info of the Provider in each LCR (active/disabled)
  • Properly included 16 Asterisk languages and 26 variants into the system


  • Implemented a more powerful algorithm to handle temporarily inaccessible MySQL
  • Improved Elasticsearch auto-resync script
  • Added permission for Tariff Conversion for managers/accountants
  • Added permission to Show Quick Stats per User
  • Added new date formats for Tariff Import with examples
  • Improved Automatic Tariff Import Analysis workflow
  • Improved Tariff Rate Import Rule settings “Min Times Not Equal” and “Increments Not Equal” to allow 10 values (was 3)
  • Improved Load Stats page to clearly state that’s /min, not /s values


  • Fixed an issue with updated Dial Plan and new Rates not reflecting in the core in some cases
  • Fixed an issue with an empty Custom Service Description
  • Fixed an issue with the Due Date missing in generated Invoices
  • Fixed an issue with the default Notify User option (OFF) for the new FlatRate Plan
  • Fixed an issue when the Activation/Periodic fee does not transfer from Charge Plan to the Subscription
  • Fixed an issue with partly hidden dropdowns at the bottom of several pages
  • Fixed an issue with Subscription Edit saving the wrong value for one option
  • Fixed missing CSV report download for Assign unassigned Destinations
  • Fixed HGC hint showing when the setting is disabled
  • Fixed Rocky9 compile warnings for many internal scripts
  • Improved Subscription adding workflow
  • Improved FTP connection testing to clearly state the exact problem
  • Improved documentation for Financial Status and Balance Report pages
  • Implemented variable support in the Invoice Email Subject
  • Implemented subscription action log logic
  • Improved Subscriptions Close logic
  • Improved Invoice Details to properly support Flat-Rate plans
  • Improved PCAP grepping logic to capture RE-Invites
  • Implemented additional failover control scripts
  • Implemented Virtual IP support
  • Implemented failover with Corosync
  • Added Active Calls Graph permission for managers
  • Added an option to add payment creation time on payment creation

We are seeking our client’s input on some potential new features for our product. Please take a moment to vote on your favorite options from the list below (or for any request here):

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Let us remind you that you can always find what we are working on and what is planned in the Requests section of the support system. Please do like/vote on the requests you would like to see in the future. This helps us to prioritize. More details here: Product Feedback Policy – Kolmisoft Wiki

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