2021 August Update

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Quick update about the work we did in 2021 August.

[MOR] DID Bulk Management Number control

Functionality to avoid huge problems when too big DID range is entered by mistake

[MOR] API/recordings_delete

API method to delete recordings by various parameters

[MOR] API/recording_update

API method to update recording info

[M4] Manage Rates

Manage rates in bulk and more conveniently!

[M4] Routing Groups management for Dial Peer

Quickly add/remove Routing Groups from the Dial Peer

[M4] Blocked Rate view improvement

Shows blocked rates more clearly

[M4] Rate Notification XLSX sort improved

Now it’s properly sorted by ABC

[M4] PAI settings from M2 to M4

Reimplemented PAI options (Use PAI Number for Routing, Send PAI Number as CallerID to TP and Use PAI if CallerID is anonymous)

[M4] Auto-refresh improvement

Removed unnecessary auto-refresh on old data:

Apart from this, we closed the other 67 development tickets. These were bugs, small issues, internal improvements, and some developments to be revealed in the future.

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