Automated Aggregates Report System based on Templates

Together with MOR X14 release, this huge update to the softswitches (MOR X14 and M2) brings automation in reporting. It allows creating Templates for various...
Mindaugas Kezys
33 sec read

Tariff Conversion Functionality

Together with MOR X14 and in M2 we are reintroducing Tariff Conversion functionality. It allows converting Tariff file to the MOR/M2 acceptable CSV format...
Mindaugas Kezys
51 sec read

GDPR Compliance

Changes to support GDPR are implemented into MOR and M2 Softswitches.
Mindaugas Kezys
16 sec read

Dashboard Addon

We are introducing new Dashboard Addon – which allows to view your softswitch data in nice and presentable way. Currently it is in the...
Mindaugas Kezys
50 sec read

Ensure VoIP business emails are not marked SPAM with…

Your business might be sending various emails – transactional, promotional or sales or support related email to prospects and customers. Sometimes, you might have...
Kalyan Pasumarthy
2 min read

Development Overview (Sprint #167-173)

Please find new functionality for MOR and M2 bellow: MOR Changes related to New EU regulations: Static Source/CallerID Whitelist/Blacklist functionality per Provider Provider Localization...
Mindaugas Kezys
2 min read

Codec information in M2 Switch

Happy to announce that we have added long-requested feature to be able to see which codec(s) were used in the call.
Mindaugas Kezys
17 sec read

Development Overview (Sprint #153-158)

MOR Added additional search filters to the DID page and Email page Added editing functionality to the GUI for Dynamic Blacklisting Huge speed increase...
Mindaugas Kezys
1 min read

Let’s block unauthorized admin access!

Newest security measure to protect admin access from unauthorized IP.
Mindaugas Kezys
22 sec read