Expiry of InCommon Certificate AddTrust External CA Root (May 2020)

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Due to the old broken OpenSSL libraries, some older systems, like Centos 6.4 could have problems with communicating with external services (Centos 6.10, Centos 7.x systems do not suffer from this problem).

To avoid any potential problems we strongly encourage to fix your servers by issuing this command:

yum update -y ca-certificates

If you would like, our support engineers could do that for you (it’s free for all Kolmisoft clients with a support plan). Please create a ticket in our support system for this.

Failing to do this could damage the system’s ability to send SMS, convert tariffs, update currency rates, report the status to the monitoring engine, and make backups to external servers.

The problem is described in details in the following posts:

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