Защита от DDOS для владельцев VoIP-бизнеса из Украины

Kolmisoft использует Hetzner для хостинга серверов. Они на сайте пишут, что у них есть защита от DDOS. Однако реальность для владельцев VoIP-бизнеса в Украине...
Vilius Stanislovaitis
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PBX Security Best Practices

This document outlines some of the most common IP PBX hacking situations and proposes some basic safeguard configurations. Source: Why is securing your...
Mindaugas Kezys
2 min read


Have you ever missed a call from an international number that you didn’t recognize, and been tempted to call back? Don’t. You may become...
Mindaugas Kezys
7 min read

Expiry of InCommon Certificate AddTrust External CA Root (May…

Due to the old broken OpenSSL libraries, some older systems, like Centos 6.4 could have problems with communicating with external services (Centos 6.10, Centos...
Mindaugas Kezys
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FRAUD: False Answer Supervision (FAS)

INTRODUCTION According to the Global Leaders Forum (2018), fraudulent traffic is estimated to cost the international wholesale carrier industry $17 billion annually.  On the...
Mindaugas Kezys
8 min read

GDPR Compliance

Changes to support GDPR are implemented into MOR and M2 Softswitches.
Mindaugas Kezys
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Let’s block unauthorized admin access!

Newest security measure to protect admin access from unauthorized IP.
Mindaugas Kezys
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Let’s block some countries!

Due to popular demand we implemented additional security measure – now it is possible to block countries directly from the GUI!
Mindaugas Kezys
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How to block country IP

Here we will provide guide how to block whole country. For this example we will block Palestine – from where most VoIP attacks are...
Mindaugas Kezys
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