X16 Release

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MOR X16 Release

We are happy to announce MOR X16 release. The complete list of changes and improvements is below:

    • Implemented Automatic Tariff Import functionality
    • Implemented Balance per Device
    • Implemented Warning Balance notification over SMS
    • Implemented Rate showing in the Invoices and ordering by Rate to comply with the market standards
    • Implemented Smart (Pseudo-random with Deviation) Number Pool selection algorithm
    • Implemented Recordings for Local Calls
    • Implemented Queue Place announcement option
    • Implemented Announcement to the Called Party by selecting IVR voice to play before answering
    • Implemented additional option in Warning Balance to notify the user before the call with separate balance value
    • Implemented Kick/Block functionality for quick action against unwanted users online
    • Implemented an option to pass MOR IP with pass_pai option (instead of the IP sent by a caller)
    • Implemented an option “Disallow for Resellers to change DID Call Limit”
    • Implemented an option “Hide Provider Payments from User Payment List”
    • Implemented an option “send_privacy_id_for_anonymous_calls”
    • Implemented more strict protection against local loops in the Call Flow
    • Updated/improved Chinese-Traditional, German translations
    • Added new functionality to set User Comment for the Payment (in GUI and over API)
    • Added additional confirmation (protection) on the Delete all Numbers in the Number Pools
    • Added additional notification before starting the backup, that it could take some time with the option to cancel
    • Added additional notification before exporting more than 1M CDRs
    • Added an option to change username over device_update API
    • Added Effective from into rate_get API
    • Added Usereqphone option for Providers
    • Added monitoring notification when Asterisk is unreachable
    • Added additional Action Log records to mark User block/unblock, Provider edit and Provider Rules edit
    • Added possibility to have email passwords with various symbols (not only letters and digits)
    • Added an option pass_anonymous_domain to pass SIP header From: <xxxxxx@anonymous.invalid> to the terminator
    • Added control to Server Load Stats scripts in case they stop working to bring them back
    • Added protection on the Call Info page to avoid double-clicks and server slow down
    • Added an option for a reseller to keep Global PBX pool even when he creates new PBX Pools
    • Added additional logging to scp for easier troubleshooting
    • Improved P-Asserted-Identity handling in various cases
    • Improved P-Asserted-Identity localization
    • Improved Device search field in the DID Edit page
    • Improved core capability to handle src and dst with non-standard symbols
    • Improved subscription_create, service_create API requests to return newly created entities’ ID
    • Improved rate entering to support default system decimal separator
    • Improved GUI performance when Elasticsearch is down
    • Improved Duplicate Call protection to differentiate between calls with same dst, CallerID Number, but different CallerID Name
    • Improved Users Edit window by stripping all input boxes on space miss-types
    • Improved Fix all Unassigned Destinations functionality to cover various Destination names
    • Improved web page security by requesting Google Fonts over HTTPS
    • Improved firewall rules to allow proper system installation/update
    • Improved Subscription adding to allow it to start before the user was created
    • Improved Invite/Port Insecure option handling when changing auth. from Hostname/IP to Username/Psw and back
    • Improved rerating with non-default currencies
    • Improved CallerID handling when Number part is missing (Name is used vs ‘asterisk’)
    • Improved Active Calls to properly handle very long calls
    • Improved device_rule_create API to allow empty one of Cut or Add values
    • Improved Blocked rates import handling
    • Improved Call Forward over *52/*72 shortcodes when CallerID comes with Diversion
    • Improved call handling with Busy *90 shortcode
    • Improved Virtual Device handling and denied registration to it
    • Improved Asterisk stability
    • Improved Backup GUI performance in multi-server systems when ElasticSearch is off
    • Improved Subscriptions reliability even when wrong Heartbeat IP is configured
    • Improved Generate Invoices work-flow to avoid accidentally generating invoices for all users
    • Improved DID Edit stability
    • Improved Increment validation across various pages
    • Improved ElasticSearch control script to survive more problematic cases
    • Improved GUI reload/refresh stability, less distortion when a new page is loaded
    • Improved Recordings download from the external server
    • Improved Rate handling when Destinations have commas in their names
    • Improved PCAP installation procedure to enable it by default
    • Improved core to handle From anonymous/Anonymous
    • Improved heartbeat IP parsing by the GUI
    • Improved calls between Asterisk servers in the Proxy system
    • Reworked Asterisk Sounds installation procedure
    • Reworked Allowed addresses handling with Proxy systems
    • Reworked Kazoo/PBX usernames integration with MOR, email notifications
    • Fixed Localise PAI to work with Pass PAI: yes option
    • Fixed rare rounding case in invoice calculation where 1ct difference can occur
    • Fixed an issue when DID could not be assigned to RS PRO user in the IVR Dial Plan
    • Fixed an issue with the CDR exported file to correctly handle Destinations with symbols which match separators
    • Fixed invoice tax calculation in Detailed Invoices for Resellers
    • Fixed an issue with invoice issue date which allowed to select non-existent dates (30th of February for example)
    • Fixed an issue with DID->Device->External Number Call Flow not changing CallerID
    • Fixed an issue with DID->Device->Call Forward Call Flow to bill the user which forwarded the call
    • Fixed an issue with DID Timeouts sometimes not activating properly
    • Fixed an issue with FAILED(16) call hangup cause code not properly set in rare cases
    • Fixed Rate Import to allow prefixes with + sign to be imported in more cases
    • Fixed profit calculation for Subscriptions with discounts
    • Fixed Quality Routing LCR change with Localizations
    • Fixed an error by creating user when IVR Voice is deleted
    • Fixed Disable Elasticsearch check and Disable Replication check options stopping working in rare cases
    • Fixed an issue when Accountant could be able to send Invoices to all system users
    • Fixed Random Number from Number Pool on a virtual device with CLI change
    • Fixed Device Call Flow functionality when Forward is selected without the Device or External Number
    • Fixed possibility to register to the Fax device
    • Fixed MOR install to include all fields into DB (no need to update later)
    • Fixed a rate import algorithm to properly work with the option “Delete Rates for Prefixes which are not present in imported file” enabled
    • Fixed very rare error with Rails “Circular dependency detected while autoloading constant Elasticsearch”
    • Fixed incorrectly-billed call situation with DID->Device->Forward->External Number Dial plan in rare cases
    • Fixed a situation when multiple users with the same account could not work in the system at the same time
    • Fixed an issue when HGC from the provider was not resent correctly by Asterisk 15
    • Fixed an issue with modified PAI passing to the DID not applying correct rules in several cases

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