Ensure VoIP business emails are not marked SPAM with this simple tool

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Your business might be sending various emails – transactional, promotional or sales or support related email to prospects and customers. Sometimes, you might have noticed that the recipient never opens your email. Have you ever questioned why? Most of the times, emails land in SPAM and are unnoticed. Today, business email servers like Google, Outlook and other email service providers have set up algorithms that automatically mark the business email as SPAM when certain standards are not followed. And then, your customer or valuable prospect never get to see your valuable email. In this post, we shall address this serious problem using a simple tool.

It is often difficult for small businesses to hire an in-house IT expert full-time. It is also quite common that in-house IT experts expertise is something other than email. The best way to overcome such limitations in such a case is to use third-party cloud services for optimal email routing. Such a cloud email service could be utilized for channeling the business email to land in the inbox.

One such email service provider is Sendgrid, an easy to use, monitor, track all your business email – transactional email, promotional email or general communication.

Sendgrid offers various methods to integrate its services into your applications – either via APIs or with simple SMTP settings. Sendgrid offers a free plan with limited features that is just enough for a number of small businesses. The free plan offers you access to it APIs and SMTP service and about 12,000 emails each month. Let us see how you can integrate Sendgrid with your Kolmisoft MOR and M2 servers.

Why email is important for your Kolmisoft MOR & M2 using VoIP business?inbox

  1. Let us say, you have a customer who needs to be informed in time about recharging his VoIP account.
  2. The other important case is to duly communicate the monthly invoice so that the customer pays the invoice in time.
  3. Consider that a new user registers for your VoIP service and expects to receive information about settings and password via email but does not see it in the inbox.

If the email related to above situations does not land in the inbox, your customer might not take the needful action immediately. It means, he does not pay in time which is a loss to your business. Further, the customer might also say that he does not get the emails which is indicative of poor standards of the business communication.

How to integrate Sendgrid with your Kolmisoft servers?

Kolmisoft servers communicate emails either by default settings (most often these emails land in SPAM) or enable you to route the emails via a chosen SMTP service. You can register for the Sendgrid free plan for the basic SMTP service and use the same credentials in Kolmisoft servers and you are done! All your transactional email from Kolmisoft server will directly land in the customer’s inbox

Why email is important for your website or user portal?business_email

Nowadays, prospective customers reach out to businesses via the contact form submitted on the website. It is also quite common that customers raise concerns about service through help forms or support tickets. The delivery of these email is very important for addressing the concerns of the prospects or customers. So, you should always be able to receive the emails no matter what the Google or Outlook changes the SPAM rules.

How to integrate Sendgrid with your WordPress website or User portal?

Every business using a WordPress can easily use Sendgrid SMTP service. WordPress offers free Sendgrid plugin. Setting it up is very easy and you can use the Sendgrid login credentials in the plugin and activate it. Sendgrid will ensure that you will never miss any communication from your website or user portal.

What other tools do you use for ensuring delivery of business email? Let us know in the comments and help the VoIP business community.

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