Development Overview (Sprint #167-173)

2 min read

Please find new functionality for MOR and M2 bellow:




  • Dial Peer control by Deviations
  • Tariff Compare functionality
  • Calls per Hour raport
  • Improved Active Calls graph
  • Outdated Flash charts changed to Google Charts in Hangup Cause Stats
  • Option to choose what to rerate: Originator or Terminator
  • System overload notification changed to more user-friendly
  • Dial Peers and Routing Groups pages now have search and new layout
  • Option to ‘Use PAI if CallerID is anonymous
  • Quick Stats for Users and API
  • Improved CDR Rerating for better usability
  • API aggregates_get method implemented
  • Permission for Managers to view Quick Stats info
  • Responsible Manager Functionality
    • Works with these pages: TP Active Calls, Aggregates, Destination Group Stats, Invoices, Active Calls, Load Stats, Archived Calls, Financial Status, Balance Report, Calls Dashboard, Hangup Cause, Search, Calls List, User List, Connection Point List, CDR Rerating, Calls by Clients, Payments, Calls by Clients Detailed

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