2020 August Update

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Quick update about our work done in 2020 August.

We are currently working hard to implement MNP into M2, it is almost done and we are at the final steps of implementation.

Also, we are working on huge M2 architecture changes which would increase call count per server, improve NAT traversal, and will solve some edge-cases we experience now with M2. We will provide more details in the future.

Here are newly implemented changes:


[MOR] Now Accountant can see the Call Flow icon near the DID’s Device (same as Admin)

That would speedup Device’s Call Flow management:


[MOR/M2] Action Log shows when some IP was blocked/unblocked


[MOR/M2] Completely reworked service availability checking and alerting for

  • Elasticsearch
  • MySQL Replication
  • Radius
  • Freeswitch
  • Asterisk

Now alerting should be without false-positives:


[MOR/M2] More informative Alert Email Subject

Previously it was: Alert Notification. Currently, it is more dynamic in the form: [Alert] ALERT_NAME for OBJECT_TYPE: OBJECT_NAME


  • [Alert] Test Alert for USER: Kolmisoft
  • [Alert] Device Registration Status for DEVICE: Test Device
  • [Alert] Provider Bilsec for PROVIDER: Test Provider
  • [Alert] System Calls for SYSTEM: system
  • [Alert] Destination Alert for DESTINATION: 370


  • [Alert] Client Alert for USER: Kolmisoft
  • [Alert] OP Alert for ORIGINATION POINT: OP
  • [Alert] TP Alert for TERMINATION POINT: TP
  • [Alert] DST Alert for DESTINATION: 370
  • [Alert] DST Group Alert for DESTINATION GROUP: 635


[MOR/M2] Balance history before and after the payment to reduce the chance of disagreements with the Clients

Also visible by the Client:


[M2]  Dial Peer info to quickly show which Routing Group(s) it is assigned to


[M2] TP adding/removing to/from Dial Peer Actions are now logged and can be reviewed for control purposes


[M2] Length increase for REGEX fields from 256 symbols to 512 to accommodate larger regexps


[M2] Now possible to send SMS on Alert (and when Alert ends – on Clear)


[M2] In the Active Calls filter we added search by Origination Point to narrow down the monitoring


Apart from this, we closed the other 39 development tickets. These were bugs, small issues, and internal improvements.


NOTE: If you want to view the picture in full size, press Right Mouse Button and select ‘Open image in new tab’


Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

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