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Advantages of a Status/Uptime page for a VoIP Business

VoIP service has been a revolutionary technology in telecom that runs on software. As a VoIP service provider, you would want to create confidence...
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Why VoIP businesses should launch E-calling cards?

Calling card business was once a thriving business. Many companies, retailers, resellers earned a livelihood from this business model. Nowadays, this business model is...
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Ensure VoIP business emails are not marked SPAM with this simple tool

Your business might be sending various emails – transactional, promotional or sales or support related email to prospects and customers. Sometimes, you might have...
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How to Increase Your VoIP Business Revenue with Intelligent Billing Plans

Selling a service to a potential customer is an art. Unlike products which can be seen and felt physically, services can not be experienced...
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Optimised Settings for your Mobile VoIP Business

Kolmisoft MOR offers a variety of features that enable easy deployment of Mobile VoIP. Such features help VoIP service providers to diversify their businesses...
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About the Author

About the Author Kalyan Pasumarthy, Ph.D. is an entrepreneur, author, and scientist. He has extensive experience in research and a keen understanding of rapidly...
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