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Automate and Scale Voice Business with Kolmisoft Extension Application

Kolmisoft softswitches come with an extensive set of APIs that enable businesses to automate their business process, develop customer portals, integrate with third-party payment...
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Advantages of a Status/Uptime page for a VoIP Business

VoIP service has been a revolutionary technology in telecom that runs on software. As a VoIP service provider, you would want to create confidence...
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Why VoIP businesses should launch E-calling cards?

Calling card business was once a thriving business. Many companies, retailers, resellers earned a livelihood from this business model. Nowadays, this business model is...
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Ensure VoIP business emails are not marked SPAM with this simple tool

Your business might be sending various emails – transactional, promotional or sales or support related email to prospects and customers. Sometimes, you might have...
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How to Increase Your VoIP Business Revenue with Intelligent Billing Plans

Selling a service to a potential customer is an art. Unlike products which can be seen and felt physically, services can not be experienced...
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Optimised Settings for your Mobile VoIP Business

Kolmisoft MOR offers a variety of features that enable easy deployment of Mobile VoIP. Such features help VoIP service providers to diversify their businesses...
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About the Author Kalyan Pasumarthy, Ph.D. is an entrepreneur, author, and scientist. He has extensive experience in research and a keen understanding of rapidly...
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