Development Overview (Sprint #153-158)

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  • Greatly improved Codec Negotiation to enforce same codec to avoid Transcoding
  • Double increase on Dial Peer selection speed
  • Added filter by Destination Groups to the Hangup Cause Report
  • Option to set how many hours to wait after midnight to start generate user invoices (for cases when users are in various time-zones)
  • Option to Disable SIP URI encoding
  • Multi-server PCAP support
  • New fields to the Call Info page: Answer Time, End Time, Terminated By, PDD
  • New fields to the CDR Export Template: Calls ID, UniqueID, Answer Time, End Time, Terminated By, PDD
  • Core recompile procedure which completes without stopping calls on Multi-Server systems
  • Aggregates and Calls By Client reports now include PDD
  • Freeswitch internal DB in RAM to increase speed on HDD and save SSD
  • Option to take Destination from INVITE request

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