MOR X10 Release

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We are happy to announce MOR X10 release. Important changes are bellow:


  • Functionality to block Countries by IP ranges
  • Option which allows to use unsecured passwords
  • Shows and logs failed login attempts
  • Option to set Maximum Call Rate for the Customer to avoid losses in case server is hacked
  • Security measure which informs admin over email if weird IP is trying to login to the system
  • Added actions to mark weird logins and allow/disallow actions from the admin
  • Now browser sessions are tied to the IP. If IP changes during the work time – system will ask to relogin


  • Complete Call Tracing rework to show 100% correct information directly from the Core
  • Upgraded Server Check functionality to cover more cases



  • Invoice page reworked for better usability
  • Invoice by Destinations generation speed increase
  • Option which allows to group Subscriptions by their ID in the PDF/XLSX invoices
  • Invoice generation tune which only allows proper date selections
  • XLSX invoice templates now support ‘Company/Personal ID’ and ‘Agreement number’
  • Added additional fields ‘Invoice number’ and ‘TAX Registration Number’ to the Invoice CSV export
  • Functionality to delete all invoices at once
  • Option not to generate invoices for Blocked Users


  • CDR Comparison/Dispute Management functionality
  • Aggregates by Devices
  • Country Stats does not show calls to DIDs anymore
  • DID Tariffs by CallerID page tune to explain functionality better
  • Calls per Hour, HGC and Active Calls reports now have filter by Destination Groups
  • Added additional search filters to the DID page and Email page
  • Functionality to Automatically Export CDRs
  • Added Provider column and search field to the Payments page
  • Option for reseller receive email about new registration
  • Added actions which mark tariff changes – now possible to see who and when changed for some tariff
  • Extended CDR Export functionality (more fields)
  • Added additional variables to the CDR Export email
  • Quick Stats on the front page now shows Replication status




  • Protocols H323 and IAX2 and codec G723 are disabled by default in new installations due to stability issues
  • On new installations Calls are archived after 365 days

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