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MOR X8 Release

We are happy to announce Class 5 Softswitch MOR X8 release. Changes can be found here.
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Development Overview (Sprint #126-133)

Country Stats, Graphs, Calls per Day, System Stats, Calls by Users, Loss Making Calls, Load Stats pages loading speed is significantly increased ...
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Interconnection Form

An interconnection form is used at the initial step when companies enter into a business relationship and are becoming interconnected. Companies need to connect...
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Retail Site and Mobile Dialer Integration

Kolmisoft now introduces a new add-on service to kick-start your VoIP business. We are now offering website and mobile app integration with your MOR...
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Answer-Seizure Ratio (ASR) and Average Call Duration (ACD)

Introduction The answer-seizure ratio (ASR) and average call duration (ACD) are the most commonly used metrics to indicate VoIP route quality. They are mentioned...
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Strongest in Lithuania 2015

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Development Overview (Sprint #125)

DID Owner Price moved up to Calls Total prices section in Profit Stats page. Now it is included into Calls Profit calculation same...
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Route Quality Types

When buying a traffic route, the price is only one of the important factors. Another one is quality. A good price but bad quality...
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Get IDT rates ready to import into MOR/M2 switch in 1 minute!

More info here.
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