Retail Site and Mobile Dialer Integration

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Kolmisoft now introduces a new add-on service to kick-start your VoIP business. We are now offering website and mobile app integration with your MOR server. We help you integrate every possible feature of your VoIP business model that operates with MOR. Its easy to customize and easy to operate on a highly secured platform. Additionally, we also help you with ready to deploy mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Implemented solution for Finnish company by Kolmisoft

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Features of the website

  • Successful integration of WordPress, WooCommerce and MOR
  • Eye-catching UI and easy navigation
  • Mobile, tablet and desktop friendly site (through a responsive design)
  • Optimized for search engines (SEO)
  • Flexible layout (can be changed as required)
  • 11 web pages, each with a unique design to extend the website
    • Home page – Displays prices via search bar. Search is customizable to show any groups selected for the directions in MOR. Also displays services (flat fee, dynamic flat fee, etc.). Displays in any active currency. First of its kind for WooCommerce, WordPress and SIP service integration.
    • Our apps – Displays all products, like apps associated with a service
    • Pricing – Displays prices with one click for any country selected
    • Check price – Searchable display of prices
    • Services – Displays MOR-related services that are active on the server (customizable)
    • Single page for each service – Explains each active service in detail
    • Privacy policy, terms and conditions, and legal
    • Landing page – Converts customers from Facebook and Google Ads
    • FAQs – Answers to common questions
    • Contact us – Helps the customer to communicate with ease
    • About us
  • Unique user portal fully integrated with MOR Softswitch
    • Profile page
    • Dashboard (displays subscriptions, if any)
    • Call records
    • Additional integrations as required by the customer‘s business model
  • WooCommerce integration with MOR Softswitch
    • Multi-currency display and checkout (updates MOR in any currency of choice)
    • User registration on website
    • Email confirmation of user registration
    • Purchase confirmation, invoice and receipts in user currency
    • MailChimp integration
    • EU VAT compliance integrated with sales (tax based on customer’s country, calculated in vendor’s own currency with reports)
    • Payments via PayPal integrated with MOR Softswitch
    • Payments via Finnish online payments system integrated with MOR Softswitch
    • Tariff plans in MOR can be imported into the website with two or three clicks
    • Services can also be imported with two clicks!
    • The whole website can be adapted for any business model that uses MOR Softswitch

Features of the mobile apps

The Android and iOS apps have been fully integrated with MOR Softswitch

  • Android app : fully customizable with colors, icons and fonts
    • Display balance
    • Display active subscriptions
    • Change login
    • Support for G729 and G711
    • Supports in-app customer signup
    • Integrated with native contacts (no need to import them)
  • iOS app: fully customizable with colors, icons and fonts
    • Display balance
    • Display active subscriptions
    • Change login
    • Support for G729 and G711
    • Supports in-app customer signup
    • Integrated with native contacts (no need to import them)

We at Kolmisoft can do a similar integration for you, using our experience gained from this project.

For more details, please contact

“We are glad to have found Kolmisoft MOR as our VoIP server. Within no time, Kolmisoft helped us integrate our retail VoIP business with a good website offering easy user experience. It was also easy with mobile apps. We were relieved from searching third-party developers. It saved us time and money. Thank you Kolmisoft”

– Kalyan Pasumarthy, CTO,

14 Replies to “Retail Site and Mobile Dialer Integration”

  1. Glad to have worked with Kolmisoft in this initiative!

    This partnership turned out to be a time-saver. Before committing to Kolmisoft, I explored the market for website and app developers. It was difficult to identify a good developer. If I find one, his expertise is limited either to website or mobile app only.

    I finally opted Kolmisoft because, I believed they know better about integration with MOR than anyone else! The deal worked out smooth with a team that is very communicative. I believe it’s an easy and reliable choice for everyone wanting to be on google’s radar with a mobile friendly site.

    Thanks Kolmisoft!

    1. In our experience such exotic codecs as Opus are requested by many but used by none. Just a nice-to-have feature.

  2. Last time I checked, was not meant for retail companies. Please let me know how I can check your sample website & mobile app. We are VOIP retailer company and would like to know how we can use

  3. Hi,

    I have similar setup based on a2billing. i like the idea of MOR intergration with the web and the app. casn you give me some idea on the pricing of similar setup of . Thanks

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