Development Overview (Sprint #134-139)

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  • [MOR] Optimized Recordings queries for better system performance
  • [MOR] Profit Stats, DIDs Stats, Calls per Hour, DIDs Summary, Provider Stats pages loading speed is significantly increased
  • [MOR] Added new Accountant permission to allow DID assignment to Trunk
  • [MOR] API method  users_sms_get  allows to get list of SMS in selected time period
  • [MOR] API method  recordings_get allows to get list of Recordings by various parameters
  • [MOR] API method device_update allows to set “fromuser” value
  • [MOR] Number Pools allow to import prefixes (by adding trailing % character, for example 370%). This is useful when Number Pools are used in Blacklisting/Whitelisting. It is possible to block calls by Destination/Source prefix instead of specific number
  • [MOR] Connection Fee is now displayed when searching for rates by number in Search page
  • [MOR] New setting “Group Subscriptions” allows to group Subscriptions by Service in generated Invoice PDF. This is useful when generated Invoice PDF has too many pages due to multiple User Subscription lines
  • [MOR] Subscriptions are now ordered alphabetically in Invoices
  • [MOR] New Provider setting “Execute AGI script” allows to modify call flow by executing custom Asterisk AGI script
  • [MOR] New Voicemail setting “Subscribe MWI” allows to use MWI functionality on phones that do not have ability to create separate registration to Mailbox
  • [MOR] Setting “Allow duplicate calls” is now accessible for Virtual devices
  • [MOR] Pages Country Stats, Loss making Calls, HGC Stats, Systems Stats and Calls per Day now correctly display data for Accountants who have “Show only assigned Users” setting enabled
  • [MOR/M2] Archived call tgz files can be managed over GUI
  • [MOR/M2] Uptime for each Asterisk/Freeswitch server is now displayed in Quick Stats
  • [MOR/M2] Blocked IPs are now visible over GUI for easier troubleshooting
  • [MOR/M2] API method quickstats_get allows to get Quick Stats information
  • [M2] New option in Connection Point “Destination Transformations” allows to implement simple Destination number localizations
  • [M2] New Origination Point routing algorithm “By Dial Peer” allows to order Termination Points by Dial Peer TP priority
  • [M2] Servers are now monitored for HDD free space and this information is shown for each server
  • [M2] New permission for Managers to have access for Country Stats page

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