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Development Overview (Sprint #120)

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Calling Card Business Model

In this highly structured post we will cover the Calling Card Business Model, which is based on the Business Process Canvas and Lean Canvas....
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Development Overview (Sprint #119)

Number Pool for Resellers Optimized user_register API request speed API method did_subscription_stop to stop DID subscription for Device End IVR...
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How to Find VoIP Providers

Introduction Purchasing SIP termination can take a great deal of time and effort. There‘s a lot of homework to do before you place providers...
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Get Voicetrading rates in CSV format in 1 minute!

More details here.
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Least Cost Routing

What is Least Cost Routing? Least cost routing is the analysis and selection of routes for outbound and inbound communications traffic, based on which...
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Development Overview (Sprint #118)

Archive only ANSWERED Calls Inform by email when Devices are created or updated Responsible Accountant now able to see just assigned...
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What is the Difference between a Class 4 and Class 5 Softswitch?

What Is a Softswitch? A Softswitch is a software-based device in a VoIP network for managing voice traffic and routing calls within the network....
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How to configure M2 Softswitch to make first call

Extensive guide with schematics which shows step-by-step configuration of the clean M2 Softswitch from the very start. You can download FREE version of M2...
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