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Development Overview (Sprint #117)

Currently we are working on the huge improvement so this Sprint only 2 new functions: Daily credit limit for user – set how...
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Development Overview (Sprint #116)

Blacklist/Whitelist functionality for Source Numbers implemented, which allows to block unwanted Callers by their CallerID Active Calls tuned to show proper data...
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The Technology You Need to Start a Calling Card Business

Starting a calling card business is not difficult, and it offers a great opportunity for VoIP newcomers. The world of communications has rapidly changed...
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ITW 2015 Chicago

Finally, we’re back from the US. Our second year at ITW 2015 Chicago was a huge success. We met so many interesting people, partners,...
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Development Overview (Sprint #115)

Blocked Rates support which can be imported using Tariff Import Simple Invoice PDF/CSV is returned to MOR X6 Bulk Deletion and...
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How to Start PINless and Calling Card Business

The calling card business is one of the most common business models in the VoIP industry. The center of the business model involves creatively segmenting...
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The Best-Kept Secret in the Calling Card Business

Let’s talk about the best-kept secret in the calling card business. Many people have wondered how to build a successful calling card business in...
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Development Overview (Sprint #114)

Apart from many small tunes and fixes some major work we have done in the past 2 weeks: Cron Action Tariff Change, Make Retail...
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PINless Calling Card Reselling

The easiest and very profitable way to start a calling card business is to resell prepaid, PINless calling cards.
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