How to configure M2 Softswitch to make first call

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Extensive guide with schematics which shows step-by-step configuration of the clean M2 Softswitch from the very start.

You can download FREE version of M2 or try the newest version of our Session Border Controller — M4 Softswitch Class 4.

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  1. Hi,

    It is interesting to see you producing such fantastic videos/tutorials/posts. This particular video is also informative. However, I strongly felt the need for the audio.

    I am sure you might be aware of tools or ways to add audio. In any case, here is what I would do to enhance the user experience.
    1. Buy Camtasia and use it to record and add add audio to this video. In fact, audio could enhance every video on the wiki portal
    2. Hire a freelancer on Fiverr for recording a written transcript to this video.

    I personally feel both the above options are quite affordable and will enhance the user experience.

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