Functionality to work with new EU regulations

Starting from 2017 June 15th EU introduced Regulation (EU) 2017/920 which eliminated all roaming charges for temporary roaming within the EEA (European Economic Area).

Because of this service providers now charge premium for the calls which are not originated in the EEA.

The charge is applied to the calls with CallerIDs not from EEA zones.

In MOR it is possible to filter such calls and send them to the few providers which does not apply such charges or just drop them.

New functionality allows to map CallerIDs from SIP from, rpid and pai fields to the known Whitelist of the correct CallerID formats and process the calls without the risk for overcharge.

Let’s see how:

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Development Overview (Sprint #159-166)







  • Proxy support to extend system capacity several times
  • Calls by Clients -> Detailed page
  • Added additional columns in Last Calls (Answer Time, End Time, PDD and Terminated by)
  • CDR Export emails are sent every 10min now (was every 1h)
  • Option to not show currencies in XLSX invoices to allow formulas with amounts
  • Terminator is able to see call price if call is terminated over him
  • Now possible to have prefixes starting with letters (not only numerical)
  • Added option to Skip Failover Routing Group – if it is not necessary to use this Group
  • Added second Dial Peer TP ordering priority for even more advanced and versatile routing logic
  • LegB Call-ID same as LegA for easier Call Leg mapping and troubleshooting


Support System

  • New functionality under the name Direct Contact – choose the country you are interested in and you will be able to contact (anonymously) our Clients from that country

Development Overview (Sprint #153-158)




  • Greatly improved Codec Negotiation to enforce same codec to avoid Transcoding
  • Double increase on Dial Peer selection speed
  • Added filter by Destination Groups to the Hangup Cause Report
  • Option to set how many hours to wait after midnight to start generate user invoices (for cases when users are in various time-zones)
  • Option to Disable SIP URI encoding
  • Multi-server PCAP support
  • New fields to the Call Info page: Answer Time, End Time, Terminated By, PDD
  • New fields to the CDR Export Template: Calls ID, UniqueID, Answer Time, End Time, Terminated By, PDD
  • Core recompile procedure which completes without stopping calls on Multi-Server systems
  • Aggregates and Calls By Client reports now include PDD
  • Freeswitch internal DB in RAM to increase speed on HDD and save SSD
  • Option to take Destination from INVITE request