2023 May Update

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Quick update about the work we did last month.


  • Fixed an issue when an update would overwrite the new_recording email template
  • Fixed an issue with CDR Export wrong Time-Zone
  • Fixed an issue with the Strong Password Generator in the Partner zone
  • Fixed an issue with API dids_get returning only 25 symbols of DID Comment
  • Fixed an issue with a disabled TCP warning in the Asterisk log
  • Fixed an issue for missing logs for the Failover provider
  • Fixed an issue with Local-SIP channel logging
  • Fixed an issue when the clean_destination option did not save the original number
  • Fixed wrong DID status messages when using API
  • Fixed an issue when the wrong SMTP server was used for fax2email
  • Daily Balance Limit rework
  • Implemented DID wildcard support
  • Implemented Auto Tariff Import permission for Accountants
  • Implemented an option to disable notification emails for Subscriptions
  • Added Download DID List functionality for Users
  • Added a new option to assign unassigned Destinations
  • Added DID owner information in CSV Export
  • Now possible to update Emergency CallerID Settings using API
  • Now possible to set user credit to unlimited via API
  • API did_rates_update can set Tariff By CallerID now and API did_rates_get returns it
  • Reworked Local CDR functionality for a major speed increase
  • Improved Recording SQLs for major speed increase


  • Fixed an issue with MySQL permissions impacting backup creation
  • Implemented Subnet support in Block/Whitelists
  • Number Pool ID is returned by API on creation


  • Fixed an issue with missing Destination names in the Invoice
  • Fixed an issue with Invoice generation
  • Fixed an issue with the wrong TP registration status on one-server systems
  • Fixed an issue when it was allowed to delete a User which was used in DIDs
  • Fixed an issue when calls without source could not be terminated from GUI
  • Removed not used ghost percent, rate day type functionality
  • Changed how Time Zones are displayed on the Subscription page
  • Invoices now support DIDs
  • Implemented Default DID Rate functionality
  • Implemented Number Pool Usage Report

Let us remind you that you can always find what we are working on and what is planned in the Requests section of the support system. Please do like/vote on the requests you would like to see in the future. This helps us to prioritize. More details here: Product Feedback Policy – Kolmisoft Wiki

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