How to start Mobile VoIP business easily

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how to start voip business

Mobile usage is rapidly growing across the world aided by cheaper smartphones and internet price. VoIP businesses that have seen brighter days with Calling cards are now facing hard time to maintain their revenues and customers. So, most of the VoIP service providers are making efforts to enter the Mobile VoIP business.

At Kolmisoft, we are at the forefront in ensuring that our customers have access to a wide set of features that enable them to transform and diversify their businesses. As part of our customer centric approach we have been supporting our customers with our softswitches that support a variety of VoIP businesses such as Business VoIP, Residential VoIP, Wholesale VoIP aided by a customer feedback and regular updates. Over the last few upgrades we made efforts that our Kolmisoft MOR softswitch supports the Mobile VoIP with a variety of features. These features will enable Kolmisoft MOR using VoIP service providers to launch Mobile and Web applications that beautifully sync with each other. With efficient marketing and sales channels, we are confident that our customers will be able to rapidly capitalize the Mobile VoIP market share.

We, have now taken the lead to offer a series of informative blog posts that will help you understand how Kolmisoft MOR helps you start Mobile VoIP and improve your VoIP business. In the upcoming blogs, we will explain various aspects of Mobile VoIP. These series of blog posts will include but not limited to

  1. How to start Mobile VoIP business easily
  2. What are the optimized MOR settings for Mobile VoIP
  3. How to utilize the existing calling card distribution network for Mobile VoIP
  4. What kind of billing plans possible for Mobile VoIP and how to create them in MOR
  5. Case Study – How Voictelecom is acquiring new customers using Mobile voip as a business model
  6. In-app payments and how to overcome chargebacks
  7. How to simplify new customer acquisitions with just phone number (like Whatsapp registration)
  8. How to integrate VoIP with CRMs and possible methods
  9. A click2call functionality for Website to capture leads
  10. Web templates for VoIP businesses.
  11. Easy to install search bar plugin for displaying VoIP rates
  12. Possible additional integrations that would attract and generate additional revenue
  13. Features supported by MOR for Mobile app integrations
  14. Features supported by MOR for Web app integrations

As we believe that we have to continuously strive to satisfy our customer needs, we wish to expand the above list of concepts based on reader’s requests. So, we encourage our blog readers to share further inputs to expand the topics covered in this blog series.

Author bio –

Kalyan Pasumarthy, Phd is an entrepreneur, author and scientist. He has extensive experience in research and keen understanding of rapidly evolving market trends. His business uses Kolmisoft MOR and M2. He offers consultancy and development services through SHRISAS, Finland. His services were utilized by various Kolmisoft customers across the world for Mobile and Web applications.

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  1. I am sure it is really a good business to start. Every company nowadays are converting to VOIP. It lowers their bills and it gives them more security. If you decide to start a new VOIP business, I am sure, it clicks.

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