How to Increase Your VoIP Business Revenue with Intelligent Billing Plans

Selling a service to a potential customer is an art. Unlike products which can be seen and felt physically, services can not be experienced without purchasing. So, the strategies to sell a service is more of an art. Any potential customer will always compare the prices with other competitors in the market and try to negotiate hard with you or push you to reduce your prices. So, even if you offer high quality and prompt support, they are are not easily perceived by a potential customer. Nevertheless, you can overcome your competition and convince your customer with clever and intelligent billing plans that are attractive for customers and profitable for your business.

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Optimised Settings for your Mobile VoIP Business

Kolmisoft MOR offers a variety of features that enable easy deployment of Mobile VoIP. Such features help VoIP service providers to diversify their businesses and acquire new customers. In this post, we will share some insights into how a VoIP service provider may launch a Mobile VoIP service with the optimized settings.

Note: These settings are suggestive and observed to be helpful for Kolmisoft MOR customers. Neither Kolmisoft nor the author guarantees that these settings will work for every business model. These suggestions may be followed at your own risk.

Mobile VoIP involves integration between the smartphone app and the Kolmisoft MOR. This involves a lot of communication between the two – App and Kolmisoft MOR. This is possible by integrating via API. Kolmisoft MOR offers APIs to perform a variety of functions – simple tasks such as fetching balance to complex tasks like new user registration or collecting and updating payments and a lot more. The optimized settings could be discussed under three categories as below.

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Increase your VoIP Business Revenue with Advanced Features on Mobile applications

Business VoIP is one of the main revenue source for many VoIP service providers. This business model requires quality in service as well as multiple features to serve a variety of business needs. Many of the VoIP service providers using Kolmisoft MOR Softswitch has the advantage to support a variety of business VoIP needs. With the increase in the penetration of the smartphone market, it is imperative for any VoIP service provider to be able to own mobile apps for his VoIP service and serve his clientele.

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Mobile apps for Service Providers

In this blog post we will discuss some issues faced by VoIP service providers and a how one of our customer is utilizing Kolmisoft’s API for MOR and M2 to ease these concerns.

For service providers, VoIP business is exciting when they find a new client and their profits go up. As any successful business, a service provider has to actively monitor his business. Set alerts for quality, account balances, invoices. These alerts need to be set for himself as well as customers so that any interruptions in the service are promptly addressed.

Today, we will discuss a new concept that simplifies these tasks. As a service provider many of you might have already felt the pain involved in monitoring the traffic and promptly supporting your customers. You might have missed parties, restricted your time with families and friends to monitor the business or for providing customer support.

At Kolmisoft, we are striving hard to ease running the VoIP business by regularly updating our software and developing APIs that beautifully enhance the flexibility to operate our softswitches from various softwares and devices. Here is a mobile application that utilizes MOR/M2 API to simplify the regular tasks in a VoIP business.

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