Development Overview (Sprint #159-166)

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  • Proxy support to extend system capacity several times
  • Calls by Clients -> Detailed page
  • Added additional columns in Last Calls (Answer Time, End Time, PDD and Terminated by)
  • CDR Export emails are sent every 10min now (was every 1h)
  • Option to not show currencies in XLSX invoices to allow formulas with amounts
  • Terminator is able to see call price if call is terminated over him
  • Now possible to have prefixes starting with letters (not only numerical)
  • Added option to Skip Failover Routing Group – if it is not necessary to use this Group
  • Added second Dial Peer TP ordering priority for even more advanced and versatile routing logic
  • LegB Call-ID same as LegA for easier Call Leg mapping and troubleshooting

Support System

  • New functionality under the name Direct Contact – choose the country you are interested in and you will be able to contact (anonymously) our Clients from that country

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