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Starting from 2017 June 15th EU introduced Regulation (EU) 2017/920 which eliminated all roaming charges for temporary roaming within the EEA (European Economic Area).

Because of this service providers now charge premium for the calls which are not originated in the EEA.

The charge is applied to the calls with CallerIDs not from EEA zones.

In MOR it is possible to filter such calls and send them to the few providers which does not apply such charges or just drop them.

New functionality allows to map CallerIDs from SIP from, rpid and pai fields to the known Whitelist of the correct CallerID formats and process the calls without the risk for overcharge.

Let’s see how:

We will need to create a Number Pool and populate it with number masks which will cover proper CallerIDs.

As a base for the example we will use official number formats described here.

IMPORTANT: Take note that each provider can have their own list and interpret CallerIDs differently when official site. Make sure you get this list from your provider and create Number Pool accordingly to this list. Failing to do so, you will be overcharged by the provider.

For example lets create records to cover these countries:

Croatia Croatia 385 8 or 9 (some mobile) variable 00
Cyprus Cyprus 357 8 fixed 00
Czech Republic Czech Republic 420 9 fixed 00
Denmark Denmark 45 8 fixed 00

The Number Pool should look like this:

  • 385########
  • 385#########
  • 357########
  • 420#########
  • 45########

Each # represents ONE digit so using it this way you can determine the length of acceptable CallerIDs. Note we used Croatia code 385 twice for length 8 and 9.

Then assign this Number Pool as a Static Whitelist to the provider.


More details are here.

Now when this Provider is selected in the LCR, prior sending call to it, CallerID from SIP header from, rpid and pai will be checked against the Number Pool Whitelist and if it matches – call will pass. If not, HGC 273 will be generated.

Additionaly in the near future we will present functionality which will allow to charge users premium for wrong CallerIDs and calculate Provider’s price correctly using separate tariffs for calls originated from EEA and outside from it. This will provide more options for service providers as you.

Waiting for your comments and suggestions about this functionality.

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