Development Overview (Sprint #146-152)

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List of our hard work over past couple of months:

  • [MOR] Paysera payment gateway integration
  • [MOR] Complete Call Tracing rework to show 100% correct information directly from the Core
  • [MOR] Setting to kill the Call if it has long PDD
  • [MOR] BLF support
  • [MOR] Setting which allows User to change his Fax Email
  • [MOR] Setting to allow User Login by Email
  • [MOR] Setting to allow User to change his Device’s CallerIDs
  • [MOR] Possibility to rename Common Use Providers for Resellers
  • [MOR] SMS relation with Campaign in the DB for better custom development
  • [MOR] Warning Balance Email
  • [MOR] System overload prevented message tune
  • [MOR] Profit Stats for Responsible Accountant Report
  • [MOR] Responsible Accountant functionality for Parner
  • [MOR] Invoice page reworked for better usability
  • [MOR] Invoice by Destinations generation speed increase
  • [MOR] Invoice User Settings tune for more readability
  • [MOR] Option which allows to group Subscriptions by their ID in the PDF/XLSX invoices
  • [MOR] Country Stats does not show calls to DIDs anymore
  • [MOR] DID Tariffs by CallerID page tune to explain functionality better
  • [MOR] Server page tune to allow various multi-server configurations
  • [MOR] Blocked User tune that it will not be able to login and does not gets any email
  • [MOR] Option which allows to use unsecured passwords
  • [MOR] Free Extension lookup logic rework for better speed
  • [MOR] Calls per Hour, HGC and Active Calls reports now have filter by Destination Groups
  • [MOR] New API methods: pbx_pool_create, users_get
  • [MOR] API user_register now accepts Virtual as Device type
  • [MOR] API quickstats_get to reseller and user
  • [MOR] API recordings_get now returns link to download recording mp3 file
  • [MOR] API user_balance_get allows ‘user’ as an option to return balance in user’s currency
  • [MOR] API user_details_get returns more info
  • [MOR/M2] Quality based routing
  • [MOR/M2] Terminator/Provider Active Calls report
  • [MOR/M2] Aggregates by Devices and OP/TP
  • [MOR/M2] Invoice generation tune which only allows proper date selections
  • [MOR/M2] Action Log shows more related information
  • [MOR/M2] Number pools import tune
  • [MOR/M2] On new installations Calls are archived after 365 days
  • [M2] Core upgrade without downtime
  • [M2] Source (CallerID) Transformation Rules
  • [M2] Calls Dashboard report
  • [M2] Possibility to have remote Radius
  • [M2] Better usability for Dial Peer TP edit window, Rates management, Servers page, OP/TP Edit window, Load Stats, Blocked IPs
  • [M2] Additional Advanced options for Origination Points (Disable Q.850 Reason, Forward RPID, Forward PAI)
  • [M2] Tune to Number Pools to change not only CallerID Number but only Name
  • [M2] Increase cdr batch size to 100 for better performance
  • [M2] Tune to OPUS codec installation to cover more situations
  • [M2] Tune for correct HGC when call ends with “Reason: Q.850;cause=20”
  • [M2] Removed unsupported codecs and tuned G722 codec support
  • [M2] Bypass Media option
  • [M2] API device_get method
  • [M2] Freeswitch init script fix to support LSB standards
  • [SUPPORT SYSTEM] Users now can change their first Email

Cheers Bas!

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