Development Overview (Sprint #112)

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Short development overview for the last 2-week Sprint #112.

Apart from various small fixes some major highlights which could be interesting for our Clients:

  • [MOR] Dynamic user tariff by provider tariff
  • [MOR] Per User Blacklist
  • [M2] Call Tracing
  • [M2] Rates Search by Prefix

[MOR] Dynamic user tariff by provider tariff

Completely new Tariff type which is dynamic and is based on the Termination rate. You can put profit margin in percent or in absolute value and Rate/Price to the Client will be calculated based on Providers rate/price. This allows to save time when Provider’s Tariff is often updated and Users are billed based on Provider tariff. No need to update User’s Tariffs for this Tariff type.


[MOR] Per User Blacklist

Dynamic Blacklisting now supports per User functionality. Internal DB structure is changed to allow set rating rules per User thus giving additional possibilities how to manage your Black Lists.


[M2] Call Tracing

Call Tracing functionality implemented directly from the Softswitch Core. E.g. it shows EXACTLY how call goes over the internal Softswitch Core by initiating fake-call. Dynamic text highlighting instantly shows where the problem lies and allows to take necessary precautions.


[M2] Rates Search by Prefix

By popular request we implemented ability to quickly find necessary rates by prefix.


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  1. We love the [MOR] Dynamic user tariff by provider tariff functionality, well done team Kolmisoft!

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