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DISCLAIMER – SpaxTel uses Kolmisoft’s MOR Class 5 Softswitch in their infrastructure and this blog post serves as a business case to show what innovative and game-changing services are built using Kolmisoft’s technology.

SpaxTel Delivers a Unique Conference Calling Solution to Target International Business Users

In today’s globalized business climate, International Conference Calling is not just another “nice-to-have” feature, but is mandatory to gain high value corporate clients. Today we are going to interview SpaxTel’s founder Marshall Taplits to learn about SpaxTel’s target market and how they drive their service offerings based on it.

Vilius: Hi Marshall, thank you for joining today.

Marshall: My pleasure, appreciate you taking the time to interview us.

Vilius: Let’s get stated – can you tell us a little bit about SpaxTel and about your target market?

Marshall: SpaxTel is an international calling service focused on international business travelers, expatriates and people who travel internationally. Whereas most international calling services focus on the lowest possible rate, we focus on ensuring our users can connect from any phone and make a clear business call, without requiring Internet access.

Vilius: So how did you get the idea for SpaxTel?

Marshall: When I travel internationally, especially in Asia, Middle East and Africa, it’s nearly impossible to get a decent WIFI connection while on the road sufficient to sustain an important call. With SpaxTel, as long as you can receive an incoming call you can make an outgoing clear international call or conference call. I needed this service myself and so we started SpaxTel in 2011 to meet this need.

Vilius: That’s really interesting. So you’ve been in business since 2011 but just recently you’ve released SpaxTel conferencing?

Marshall: That’s correct – we are absolutely thrilled to release our unique conference calling solution to the market. It is the number one feature our customers have been requesting.

Vilius: I’m sure you know there are thousands of conference calling solutions on the market. What makes SpaxTel conferencing unique?

Marshall: Great question. Typical conferencing is done with a dial in number and pin code. When traveling internationally, it is very inconvenient and expensive to dial into an international conference number. Even countries that do have local numbers, which are “free” for the end user, the company pays through the nose to the conference call company. We have extended our international callback platform to handle conference calling as well. Users simply receive an incoming call on any phone, and when they answer they are automatically connected to the conference.

Vilius: So does your method for conferencing save companies money or it’s just more convenient?

Marshall: Oh it absolutely saves money for our customers. In fact, if you take a “normal” conference call with 5 participants for 1 hour, who are in London, New York, Shanghai, Beijing and Berlinand compare the cost to a standard dial in / pin conference call, we offer savings of 65-80%.

Vilius: That’s great, very insightful information. Is there anything else you want to mention?

Marshall: I think that’s about it. As you know we are always enhancing our service offerings and encourage everyone to try SpaxTel either by signing up at SpaxTel or by downloading our mobile apps for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or Blackberry from the app stores.

Vilius: Ok great, well thank you again for your time today – it is really appreciated.

Marshall: Thank you too!

Let us know how you liked this article. Should we post more stories like these to show various business models available using Kolmisoft’s Class 5 Softswitch MOR?

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