Better Lead Generation through Voice Broadcasting

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The term ‘voice broadcasting’ refers to a way of conveying the message to the masses. It facilitates companies or business ventures to communicate with their target audience irrespective of the regions they belong to. 

It is an innovative technique that is being used around the globe in various domains like social media marketing, influencer marketing, internet marketing, etc. The technological advancement of the current era has eased the process of making voice broadcasts an effective tool for lead generation and marketing.

When it comes to the development of a sales pipeline, the aim is to stimulate a customer’s interest in the product and services. The process of lead generation and the method of voice broadcasting are closely linked. The term lead generation is synonymous with capturing the interest of the customers or the target audience. Unlike olden times, customers or buyers these days are more inclined to find their desired products online through various search engines, social media or digital marketing. Therefore, it is necessary for business ventures these days to make a digital presence. As a result of a rapid shift in marketing techniques, companies and businesses should follow the marketing trends to attract more customers i.e. to generate more leads.

Voice broadcasting, if carried in the right manner, has a significant impact on generating quality leads. For this, we must first know the various types of voice broadcasting and the right direction of making an influential impact. The voice broadcast is generally of two types. They include pre-recorded interactive messages and voicemails. The first one is commonly known as the ‘press-one’ method where after the marketing message, the dialer is informed to press keys to either connect to the live agent or to get more information. Whereas, the other method includes dropping the message in the customer’s voicemail. The second method provides more certainty that our message has reached the target audience and the objective is to let the recipient listen to the message and then call back on the number provided in the voice message. Both of these methods are less costly and more effective. 

Seeking new ways for effective marketing has led to the inception of voice broadcasting. To generate more and better leads this channel is found to be more gainful. It enhances the response rate of customers that in turn build a connection between company and customers which is vital to success. It is a convenient way of bridging with multitudes of people at once, which in turn increases contact frequency. Other than this, it increases your productivity. You will have spare time to focus on your business rather than making multiple phone calls to reach out to the customers.

Furthermore, while recording a voice broadcast, certain factors should be kept in mind to make it meet the desired goals. 


i. Know your audience

Firstly, knowing the target audience is the foremost priority. The message should be targeted. The kind of language being used should be appropriate as per the need and the listener should be able to understand it. Recording the message with compassion will lead to a positive outcome as the listener will feel connected to the speaker. 


ii. Review your message

Secondly, focus on the clarity and span of the voice broadcast. Do not test the patience of your listener with a sloppy script. Categorize the message by keeping the benefits at the front of the message to get the attention of listeners. Record the message in a studio or a vacant room with professional equipment to achieve the best quality. While recordings, speak at a normal pace without long pauses. 


iii. Personalizing the message

Thirdly, make it personal so it can sound more genuine. For instance, do not use robotic or serious overtones to avoid negative impact. To achieve the desired results imagine yourself talking to an individual rather than a microphone. A listener should feel the warmth of the message. Start your message with a little introduction of yours for example ‘Hi, this is Sara from’. Likewise, close your message on a positive note like ‘thank you for your time and contacting us’. 


iv. Collaborating with Professionals

Fourthly, make sure to seek help from professionals that will help you achieve your marketing goals.


Over the course of time voice broadcast has proved to be an advantageous and economical channel to boost up the marketing of all kinds of business ventures. Other than being a marketing tool, it also enhances customer satisfaction, helps to generate more revenue and to top it all its time saving for marketing professionals. Therefore, voice-broadcasting has provided the marketing landscape with new vistas and a new direction that leads to the desired goals of companies. 


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  1. Voice broadcasting is really an effective service for lead generations to send some promotions, updates, important alerts to customers, employees, and many more. Nicely written blog. Thanks for sharing.

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