How IVR can help to improve your VoIP services?

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Most people think that the Digital Revolution in Telephony has already occurred when voice over IP communications has progressively replaced landline connections. Currently, most telephony is digital and IP powered but that’s not the only thing that voice telecommunication requires in order to become more attractive and useful to users.

You have to understand that there’s no difference for users in making phone calls via Landline or in a SIP extension, the user calling experience remains the same. The only thing that changes is the technology and the cost. Currently, VoIP is becoming a commodity where the pricing and quality of service are the main factors that customers compare when looking for a new provider.

Stay away from becoming a commodity service

For a long time, IVR has been a technology used to route and optimize the calls in call centers but not really suitable for users. Today, the evolution of Speech API and AI is changing everything – it transforms IVR into an advanced conversational Voice Assistant. This service is becoming a value added for any Voice over IP service. Even though you can say that selling the VoIP traffic is the core for each business but like for many industries, becoming a commodity can kill your benefits in no matter of time. To avoid the downgrade in your rates and support, add an additional value to your VoIP service to get a stronger and longer relationship with your customers.

Protecting your VoIP business always adds more value

Forget about the old-fashioned IVR services, it’s no longer a menu driven service that you leave your customers solve by themselves. Think of providing all-in-one value added voice services – our customers will appreciate the additional service as this means they do not have to spend their time on research and integrations to add it. Protect your VoIP business by providing better and smarter services as this is the key factor to keep more traffic and retain your clients.

Learn more about IVR

Kolmisoft provides Class 4/5 Softswitch MOR that includes IVR system, but if you consider to extend it, feel free to contact Interactive Powers to learn more about their VoiceXML IVR platforms to create any kind of smart conversational call interactions.

This is a guest post, written by Ivan Sixto from Interactive Powers

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  1. Hi, I want to set up an IVR for my business. Can you please let me know the best practices for writing a professional script that allows easy navigation and seamless customer experience?

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