PINless Calling Card Reselling

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The easiest and very profitable way to start a calling card business is to resell prepaid, PINless calling cards.

Why enter the PINless calling card market? It‘s a fast-growing market, with increased international travel and the high cost of making long-distance calls driving many users to VoIP. With so many passwords and PINs to remember, though PINless calling is becoming a very convenient alternative. You enter the access number and then the number that you want to call. The call goes through as if you entered it directly without any PIN. The system recognizes you by your phone number (CallerID).

So, you are ask yourself, “How do I make money at this?” By reselling already-made calling cards!

These steps can help you to visualize the process:

#1: Take a look around the area where you want sell. Is it a college area? Is it the type of place where there are many first-generation immigrants who are looking for a way to stay in touch with family? You should also check out the competition by talking to their customers, looking at their rates, and talking to the stores‘ owners.

#2: Register your business with your city and state, and make sure to put aside funds to pay taxes on your income. (This step is skipped by many startup resellers.)

#3: Find a wholesale distributor of calling cards. Check their rates very carefully and compare various rates. Find out the minimum number of cards you must buy. Make sure to check the distributor‘s return policy for any unused cards.

#4: Talk to local merchants, colleges, and groups about providing this service. If you offer them slightly more than what you paid, the merchant also makes a profit by selling only your calling card.

#5: Sell the cards to individuals, either in person or online. You can offer different rates for different regions, with travelers typically paying more. When you offer PINless cards, customers will pay for the convenience.

#6: Look into the possibilities of offering PINless calling cards to new or expanding businesses to use as promotional items or bonuses.

#7: Advertise on community bulletin boards, at churches, in newspapers, or at the self-service laundry.

PINless calling cards are a growing trend because of their convenience and trouble-free use.  Carrying this service gives you an edge over your competitors.  PINless customers are more loyal to their existing carrier and often recharge the same card, thus cutting your costs. Depending on your provider, you can add a retail store to your network, where your customers can also come to recharge their cards. By adding this feature, the retail store also benefits when your customers make buy lottery tickets, candy, gum, or other splurge purchases.

The PINless calling card business is ever-growing as new technologies are developed. So you are getting in on the ground floor of an up-and-coming business opportunity. Without much risk, you can see if you like this business, you will learn the ropes, and then you can think about creating or expanding your own PINless calling card business.

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