Development Overview (Sprint #114)

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Apart from many small tunes and fixes some major work we have done in the past 2 weeks:

Cron Action Tariff Change, Make Retail Tariff from Wholesale Tariff, Payment Notes, Dynamic Tariff, HDD Free Space monitoring, Aggregates, Sticky Contact, enforced_global_hgc and logrotating.

More details:

  • [MOR] Cron Action Tariff Change now can change the Tariff in the LCR Location Rules also. Thus allowing more control over the routing
  • [MOR] Make Retail Tariff from Wholesale Tariff allows to set increment for the new Tariff
  • [MOR] Payment Notes visible to the Users on their Payments to keep track of/remind them about important information about the Payments
  • [MOR] Rerating adjusted to fully support new Dynamic Tariff type
  • [MOR/M2] HDD Free Space monitoring – every server’s HDD is monitored for free space. When it becomes very low – Administrator receives notifications and it is alerted in the GUI


  • [MOR/M2] Made customization into Aggregate reports to better account unassigned Destinations to the Destination Groups (they are marked as Unknown Destination Group) for better result matching
  • [M2] Sticky Contact option added for Temination Points – which allows to avoid situations when Termination Point changes contact’s IP in the middle of the session (for example to the Local IP which can’t be reached)
  • [M2] Added new setting enforced_global_hgc into configuration file to enforce one Hangup Cause Code for all failed/busy/noanswer calls
  • [M2] Reworked logrotating for better HDD space handling


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Mindaugas Kezys
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Mindaugas Kezys
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3 Replies to “Development Overview (Sprint #114)”

  1. Do tariff change on date already implemented?
    (i mean, i load up a new tariff table for provider what will be active from next month 5th 0:00 – can it be automatic, or should i schedule a manual night job? :-)

    1. Hello,

      MOR has two ways to change Provider Tariff/Rates automatically:

      #1. During Tariff Rates import from CSV in columns assignment step you are able to set Effective From Date. This date shows when new Rates will become active. Until that date, old Rates will be used.

      #2. Cron Actions functionality also can be used to change Providers’ Tariff on particular date. To change Tariff on June 5th just create an action with these settings:
      * Action – “Change provider tariff”
      * Provider – which has to be affected
      * Tariff – which should be assigned
      * Periodic Type – One time
      * Start date – 2015 June 05 00 (End date should be set higher than Start date, even if it will not be used)

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