MOR X14 Release

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We are happy to announce MOR X14 release. Changes are below:

Tariff Conversion



  • Added usereqphone option for devices which allows to add user=phone in From header
  • New setting internal_anonymous_callerid_by_rpidpai works in a similar way to anonymous_callerid_by_rpidpai except that CallerID will stay anonymous when call leaves MOR. All internal operations related to CallerID (for example localization) will be done on a number from RPID/PAI
  • New option Set PAI in Provider Localization settings which sets CallerID as “anonymous” and PAI header will contain modified CallerID by Provider rule
  • Added Authorising call by domain on proxy systems
  • mor.conf new setting set_original_source_in_pai. Original source number will be used to construct PAI header (when ”’P-Asserted-Identity usage”’ is enabled in Provider settings). This allows to set “anonymous” source number in SIP FROM field (Provider CallerID) and pass original source number in PAI header.
  • Option set_diversion_by_callerid – SIP Diversion number part will be replaced by number from SIP From header
  • Added Pass_PAI option per device to overwrite global Pass_PAI setting

CDR Export

  • CDR Export is limited to one process at the time per system to avoid taking too much resources and impairing the system
  • Added new options to the export: ‘from Users’, ‘to Users’, ‘to DIDs’
  • Added zip and gzip archive options (additionaly to the tgz)


  • Added Statement of Accounts report (SOA)
  • PAI Number now visible in CDR in Call Info and in CDR Export
  • Now when IP is not blocked – exact reason is provided
  • New options ‘Send Email To Admin after API/Manual Payment’ and ‘Send Email to User after API/Manual Payment’
  • Additional detailed log when deleting recordings for easier troubleshooting

Archived Calls

  • Option to save Archived Calls and Backups to external FTP server
  • Option to delete not-Archived not-Answered Calls older than some time to save on DB space

Active Calls

  • Added Terminating User/Device and DID options into Active Calls search filter
  • Now possible to control Active Calls refresh, to turn it off and on (pause temporary) directly from the Active Calls page
  • New button to hangup all Active Calls (be careful)


  • Upon DID creation it will be shown how many DIDs will be created – for double-check
  • New option ‘Blacklist Source Number Pool‘ – this will set Number Pool for Blacklist Source. When calling this DID, if Source Number matches number in this pool, call will be rejected with HGC 283 – Source number is in DID blacklist. In other words – Blacklist for CallerID (Source) to some DID so numbers in this Number Pool (Blacklist) will not be able to dial DID
  • Added new fields into CDR and CDR Export: did_owner_billsec, did_incoming_billsec, did_provider_billsec
  • Added new field into CDR: ‘Forwarded Call DID Number’ to indicate DID from which call was forwarded



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