MOR X12 Release

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We are happy to announce MOR X12 release. Changes are bellow:


  • Optiont to show only prices for accountant, no profit and no rates
  • Accountant now have permissons to manage:
    • Dial Plans under DIDs
    • Device Rules
    • Recording Settings
    • Call Tracing
    • Active Calls (Graph/Provider Active Calls)
    • Archived Calls – Files
    • Google Maps
    • Dynamic Blacklisting
    • Resellers
  • Admin and Accountant have same menu structure
  • Responsible Accountant with option “Show only assigned Users” now sees only related:
    • calls in Provider Active Calls, Load Stats, Local Calls
    • Recordings, Credit Notes, Users Finances



  • Security measure to ask for re-login when IP address changes
  • Option which will request relogin after closing the browser







  • Users now can see their Local Calls (between extensions in the system)
  • Setting “Show when Answered Calls >=”  in Aggregates is saved for the next search for time-saving
  • Added Local Call logging for such call-flow: Provider -> DID -> Dial Local (pbx function) -> Local Device



  • Device option “Emergency CallerID” – to be used when Destination matched number from Number Pool
  • Global Blocked Numbers functionality which is applied for whole system
  • Improved PAI header handling based on CallerID to cover more situations
  • Option use_callerid_from_ppi when enabled – then CallerID from P-Preferred-Identity (PPI) header will be used instead of FROM header CallerID



  • Date format from User Settings is applied automatically on Tariff Import
  • Delete rates from the tariff when importing Tariff file with the value ‘delete’







  • IVR can be assigned to some User (personal IVR)
  • Security Code Action for IVR for additional security
  • IVR management now works on all most-used browsers (Firefox limitation removed)



  • Option to convert invoices to PDF using XLSX template
  • Now possible to localize ‘Calls’ text in the invoice
  • 3 new variables: invoice_price, invoice_price_with_tax, invoice_currency for invoice emails
  • Added TAX field in XLSX template
  • Now system does not generate invoices if there is mismatch in the data which needs to be fixed first



  • Search option by Device for User in Recordings page added
  • Added new columns to Recording list: Source/Destination, Number, Extension, Username
  • Improvement to do not allow to play recording when it is still not ready
  • Permission for User to delete recordings in bulk
  • Option to download many recordings at once





  • CDR Export now can be sent to several email addresses
  • Notification email to system admin if Replication is broken
  • Warning Balance for Reseller
  • Option to add Name/Surname to Email From/Sender field
  • Daily Balance notification email
  • New email variable credit_limit
  • Send User/Reseller/Admin registration confirmation email when user is created in GUI




Visuals/Quality of Life


Various Functionality



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  1. I want test demo version or trial version MOR X12. Please send me rent and buy prices. Good work..

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