2021 March Update

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Quick update about the work we did in 2021 March.

[MOR/M2] Blocked IPs page rework

Page rework for fast load with many blocked IPs, search, pagination, etc:

[MOR/M2] IP Blocking rework

The script which does all the work is reworked and it’s performance is increased many many times.

[MOR/M2] Suggest Strong Password

Quality of life improvement:

[MOR] PCAP for Resellers

Give permission for the Resellers to see PCAPs in the Call Info page. Make sure you want to show your Vendor’s IPs to the Reseller, because PCAPs are LegA+LegB:

[MOR] Fax Email improvements

Design improvements to show Fax Email information:

[MOR] Protection against wrong mass Recording delete

Additional dialog to be sure that selected period to delete Recordings is the right one:

[MOR] API method to get number status if it is covered under the Flat-Rate subscription

More info here.

[M4] User Price protection

Additional settings to be sure you get the Profit you want:

[M4] Account Status

Convenient way to mark the Account Status for informational purposes:

[M4] Price rounding method/digits

Round User’s Price by using one of the available rounding methods and limit it to the set amount of decimal digits:

[M4] Unreachable TP

Shows it more clearly:

[M4] Additional Connection Point details

Layout changes and field for the Switch information:

Apart from this, we closed the other 58 development tickets. These were bugs, small issues, internal improvements, and some developments to be revealed in the future.

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