2021 February Update

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Quick update about the work we did in 2021 February.

[Support System] Trouble Ticket management view rework

More space, better button placement, other improvements for better work-flow:

[Support System] Support Time information

To provide exact time when live support is available:

[MOR] Aggregates search by CLID

Additional option to make a better search. Most useful in the callback calls when real CallerID is saved into CLID field:

[MOR] Delete Faxes functionality

Now possible to delete Faxes from the system:

[MOR] Recordings Delete reworked

Delete action speed increased many times

[MOR] PCAP Capture reworked

Now PCAPs are captured by TShark which should allow to avoid problems with PCAP capture

[M2/MOR] Tariff Import Effective Date from Email Body

Now possible to retrieve Effective Date from Email body for imported Tariffs:

[M2/MOR] Quick Date select for Call List

To speedup the work-flow:

[M2] Proxy/Radius service stats

For better monitoring:

[M2] CDR Import tunes

Improvements in the work-flow and usability.

Apart from this, we closed the other 82(!) development tickets. These were bugs, small issues, internal improvements, and some developments to be revealed in the future.

NOTE: If you want to view the picture in full size, press Right Mouse Button and select ‘Open image in new tab’.

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