2020 September Update

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Quick update about our work done in 2020 September.


Mobile Number Portability is implemented into M2!

Works together with the Proxy server.


Other changes:

[M2] Routing Group Dial Peer Management window

It allows a very fast and convenient way to manage DPs for particular Routing Group


[M2] Account Manager Revenue and Profit Report

The new report focused on Managers

[MOR] Completely reworked PCAP capture on Proxy server

All PCAP’s should be captured now


[M2] ASR and ACD filters on destinations per Origination Point

It allows to monitor route from some OP and take actions when poor quality traffic is sent


[M2] Auto Routing Group creation for new Origination Point

Speedup by automatically creating RG for a new op


[MOR/M2] Reworked Blocked IP management

A more responsive and more informative way to block some unwanted IPs


[MOR] New API subscription_create_bulk method

Allows to create subscriptions en masse


[M2] Changes to Termination Point creation

Default settings allow to start work with TP faster


[M2] Direct access to the Routing Groups Dial Plans from the Connection Point’s Edit window

Move and work faster and more efficiently!


[MOR/M2] Log about Blocked/Unblocked Country

Easy check who blocked which country and when


[M2] Added visual notifications on log retrieval

The action takes some time, so it will be easier to wait :)



[M2] Regexp fields increased to 1024

In September it was 512, October 2048?


[M2] Device rename to Origination Point

Some house cleaning…



Apart from this, we closed the other 57 development tickets. These were bugs, small issues, internal improvements, and some developments to be revealed in the future.


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