2020 December Update

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Quick update about the work we did in 2020 December.

[M2] Additional option to generate Tariff using the prefixes from the other Tariff

It allows you to have the same prefixes in the newly generated tariff:

[M2/MOR] Export Tariff Analysis results to CSV

Later you can use these results in other tasks, like importing back after fixing them:

[M2/MOR] Email variables in for the Tariff Import emails

Get informative emails about your Tariff Jobs:

[M2/MOR] Tariff Jobs better status

Visible at once the status of the Tariff Job. Is it done, active, or in the waiting state:

[M2/MOR] Improved Tariff warnings

Not so intrusive warnings when there are active Tariff Jobs:

[M2] Tariff Import menu simplified

One level less for easier access:

[M2] PDD for OP and TP separation

Because PDD for OP and TP are two different things. Also Profit calculation in the Call Info page:

[M2] Inactive OP marked very clearly

To avoid so frequent problem – “Why my OP does not work?”:

[M2/MOR] Manual Backup usability tune

Helps against the misclicks and shows status:

[M2] NO ANSWER (312) renamed to CANCEL

Quality-of-life improvement:

[M2] Call List page tune

Removed Call Tracing, which can be accessed from Call Info page now:

[M2] Permission for Call Tracing

Together with better permissions for Connection Points:

[M2] Added hints (explanations) on Timeouts

To clearly explain what kind of timeout it is:

[M2/MOR] Functionality to Merge Destination Groups

For easier management, when you have too much Dst. Groups:

[M2/MOR] Functionality to add/remove Prefixes from Destination Groups

Using CSV file import:

[M2] Rate check by Prefix

Quick way to get rates for some specific prefix(es):

[M2/MOR] Number Pools speedup/optimization

Solution to a some slow down in a specific edge-case:

[M4] Bypass Media rework

Options for OP and TP to manage how media will be handled:

[M2] Destinations page rework

Usability improvements:

[M2] Rates Notifications permission for Managers

More control over your managers:

[M2/MOR] From Email to Rates Notifications Emails

Custom From field to personalize your emails:

[MOR] List for Provider to show in which LCRs it is assigned

Quickly find out the necessary relations:

[MOR] LegA and LegB in API/DB/Call Info

Could be useful in special scenarios for CDR mapping:

[MOR] Option to pass SIP Headers to the Provider

Resend necessary Headers to the Provider from the User/Device:

[MOR] Option to control CallerID by matching destination

Find best match by prefix vs find best match by the nearest DID:

[MOR] Pickup Groups support on Proxy

Proper way to handle Pickup Groups in the Proxy system:

Apart from this, we closed the other 49 development tickets. These were bugs, small issues, internal improvements, and some developments to be revealed in the future.

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