X15 Release

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We are happy to announce MOR X15 release. Changes are below:




  • Added option in the Statement of Account (SOA) to choose the type of User’s Invoice type – All, Postpaid or Prepaid
  • Added an option to do not include Subscriptions into the SOA
  • Added statistics for the Proxy server in the Servers window
  • Added Destination column in the Aggregates report when it is selected to Group Aggregates by Destination (prefix)
  • Added 3 pre-generated Aggregate Templates
  • Added an option ‘Send Email To Admin after API/Balance Update’ for Admin


  • Added functionality to make all recordings visible/invisible for the User (to mitigate incorrect configuration prior the recording was made)
  • Added options which allow making custom Recording File Name format
  • Added global and per-user options which set after how many days to delete recordings (to keep HDD usage under control)


Visual Tunes/Usability Improvements


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