MOR X6 Release

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After hard work for 6 months we are happy to announce release of the new version of Class 5 Softswitch MOR X6!

Official PR article here.

What’s New:

[tagline]MULTI-LEVEL RESELLER[/tagline]

Added additional level of Resellers – Partners. Which allows more control over your business model.

[tagline]MULTI-TENANT PBX[/tagline]
Reworked internal structure to support multi-tenant PBX functionality which allows to isolate users on the same server by providing them separate spaces for their PBX extensions (PBX Pools).
Now many companies can use the same server and have the same Extensions for their PBX needs.

SPEED – Completely reworked invoice generation in the MOR. Now invoices are generated in the background by C code, which runs thousands times faster compared to previous GUI generation.

CONVENIENCE – Now invoices are generated into XLSX format with your custom template. You can create your own custom-looking invoice template with logos and so on and apply it to all invoices.
Invoices are generated only once and stored on local HDD for fast retrieval later, no more waiting each time to generate it again.
CONVENIENCE – Rate internal storage reworked. Now it is possible to import rates from Suppliers with different Destination Names for the same Prefix and manage them independently.

SPEED – Approximately 20% speed increase achieved in routing algorithm by simplified retrieval logic.

  • Improved menu options for Providers
  • Added ordering for Providers Calls page
  • Provider price rerating greatly improved


  • Option to delete many recordings for Resellers
  • Menu rearrangement for Resellers
  • “Login page text” functionality added


  • New report Calls per Hour
  • User Permissions
  • Static Blacklisting/Whitelisting
  • Last Calls page speed improved to handle large sets of data
  • Accountants now can manage Localizations, LCRs, Providers and Terminators
  • Active Calls now shows as Connected/Total
  • Calling Cards – Added 2 new End IVRs: 8 and 9
  • Callshop – improved rate search presentation and general layout
  • Alerts writes log to the Actions now
  • Privacy option in the SIP packet for anonymous call are now handled properly
  • Improved archiving calls performance
  • Changes to AMI to support some rare cases when sync is lost
  • Currency handling improved for Paypal
  • Email TLS sending support improved
  • Interpret as Failed option now also changes HGC for better routing logic
  • Added option to order by Owner in DIDs page
  • Added Effective Date to exported rate files
  • Voicemail has new Skip Intro option for custom greetings
  • Server type now also available as ‘Other’ for better proxy support
  • Option to allow same email for various Users
  • New option billsec_round_function to select different rounding method for billsec in the core
  • New option Enforce same codec as on Leg A to avoid transcoding by forcing LegA codec into LegB
  • Old slow rerating in the GUI removed (changed to fast C background rerating)


New API methods


  • service_create
  • service_delete
  • services_get
  • service_update


  • subscription_create
  • subscription_delete
  • subscriptions_get
  • subscription_update


  • user_sms_service_subscribe – allows to subscribe User to the SMS service
  • voucher_use – allows to use Voucher
  • phonebook_record_delete – deletes record from the Phonebook
  • did_details_update – allows to set DID Call Limit
  • user_details_update added option for reseller to inherit the QuickForwardDID rules from Admin
  • user_details_get returns call_limit for user now
  • user_register greatly increased user registration API speed
  • device_update added option for reseller to inherit the localization rules from Admin
  • device_create added option to create special extension
  • conflines_update added new optional parameters: default_device_location_id and default_User_tariff_id
  • callback_init added option to send Card PIN to initiate Callback to Calling Card without entering PIN (pinless)


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  1. Congrats to you and the team – this sounds like a great release! Looking forward to finally upgrading from X3 (oh how we’ve fallen behind your fast progress!).

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