2020 November Update

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Quick update about the work we did in 2020 November.

[M2/MOR] Option to Delete Rates for Prefixes which are not present in the imported file

It allows to keep your Tariff clean and avoid mismatches with the Vendor’s rates:

[M2] Invoices for Manual Payments

Implemented functionality to create invoices for manual payments:

[M2/MOR] Tuned Tariff Link Attachment Rules

Design changes and tunes for usability:

[M2] Tariff Inbox tunes

Usability improvements:

[M2] Last Calls rename to Calls List in Settings

Settings housecleaning for usability:

[M2] Show only assigned Users permission change

Per-User permission changed per-Group permission to unify how permissions are handled in the system:

[M2] Manager’s Permission for Connection Points

Deny Tariff Change and Deny Routing Group Change:

[M2] Manager’s Permission for Tariffs

How to handle Tariffs for the Manager:

[M2] Manager’s Permission for Vendor data in the Calls List page

Option to hide sensitive information from the Manager:

[M2] Manager’s Permission for Vendor data in the Active Calls page

Hide sensitive info from the Manager:

Apart from this, we closed the other 37 development tickets. These were bugs, small issues, internal improvements, and some developments to be revealed in the future.

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